My Story

Aged 14, at a photo club in Bulgaria, I picked up a professional camera for the first time. Going on outdoor hikes and photography trips to various parts of the country allowed me to discover the beauty of my craft through capturing stunning images of the nature that surrounded me. From this moment I simply knew photography would be my pathway.

Aesthetics and beauty have always been a fascination of mine, which is influenced by my mom who works with Japanese culture and tea ceremony. The minimalistic approach of Japanese art has shaped my personal photography style and ethos of my brand. Taking a snapshot of elegance and sharing it with the world and capturing precious moments for my clients treasure forever is my photographic mission.

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
Karl Lagerfeld

Wedding Photography

After extensive training over several summers in New York and London with leading wedding photographers, my full-time wedding photography business came into fruition in 2010. Captivating aesthetics, carefully chosen lighting and creatively-driven images are the heart and soul of my wedding photography style. From gorgeous golden hour shots to relaxed and romantic moments before cocktail hour, my elegant and purposeful methods create lifetime memories that live and breathe the beauty of your wedding day.

The home of my photography business is London, but I have vast experience in shooting weddings all over the world, such as Monaco, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Morocco, Spain, Bali and the United States. I adore travelling and my international background allows me to confidently communicate in English, Russian, Bulgarian and Spanish. If you’re planning a destination wedding, I can deliver a bespoke photography experience that works perfectly for you as a couple no matter where you are based.

Family Photography

Having my son in 2012 allowed me to discover the pathway towards family photography. When shooting family-based images, creativity and personality is always the centre of my work. Whether I’m capturing the pure innocence of a tiny newborn, a glowing and blossoming pregnant mother or a lively and dynamic family, I will always spend time on the attention to detail. These family images will be moments you treasure forever, which is why I prioritise the little nuances and intricacies. From carefully selecting props to complement your clothing colour, to positioning you in front of scenery that exudes warm and flattering lighting, your final photographs will be styled to perfection.

How I Work

My friendly, welcoming and creative approach allows you to relax and enjoy every moment of having your photograph taken. I paint a true picture of the subject behind the lens with grace and ease, meaning that the final images are always a true representation of your unique personality. I often encourage my clients to go “the extra step” in their sessions which usually evolve into the best pictures in the end! I value the extra few minutes with a couple or family to make sure the final images go above and beyond their expectations. Scoping out the perfect place, setting up the image and allowing you to relax into the space naturally is how I work with my clients. The candid and spontaneous images that are desired by many, are always achievable as long as the scene is set up exquisitely for you by a photographer who has an eye for detail.


Preserving magical moments is my goal for every photograph I capture. My technical training and extensive experience photographing nature, weddings, families, babies and creative brands has equipped me with the skills to tackle any type of shoot. I am flexible, adaptable, enthusiastic and very attention oriented, which results in high-quality, bespoke and charming images that will be treasured forever by you. As well as an abundance of kind words from previous clients, which can be viewed here on my reviews page, my work is also internationally recognised in newspapers and online publications, such as The Huffington Post, ParisMatch, The Times, The Talented Ladies Club and the International Baby Photo Awards.

Work With Me

Are you seeking elegant, timeless, creative and beautifully styled images that tell your story with ease?

I welcome you to book a consultation call with me here or secure a date for your chosen shoot. You can also get in touch with me using the form on my contact page.


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