Why is Branding Photography Important

6- Branding Photography London

The photos on your website and social media are usually the first thing that your potential clients see. You have to ensure that you are making a lasting first impression so you can stand out from the crowd. And the best way to show the real you in your business is through a customised branding photography session which would provide your business with a set of beautiful professional images that would reveal your brand and help attract your ideal clients.

Branding photography is the perfect opportunity for inspiring photos that show your energy and passion about your business and bring you and your brand to life in order to entice your dream clients to work with you.

Costs & Packages

Brand photography sessions are customised to suit you and your business so before any branding session I offer clients a complimentary consultation so we can have a chat to understand the style of images you are after as well as the most suitable location for the images so they can truly reveal your personality. There are various options ranging from mini packages if you require just a small selection of portraits in a natural style to full day session including lifestyle image of you and your work as well as stock images tailored to reveal your services and ideal for long term use for social media.

What to expect

Most of us (including myself) feel uncomfortable when they have their photos taken. If that’s you and the reason you have been postponing a branding session then do not worry – I totally understand you. We always think we’re not photogenic enough, skinny enough, stylish enough. Let me reassure you – you are enough! I’ll ensure the session is as easy and stress free as possible. Within 15 minutes of the shoot people usually relax and are less conscious of the camera which helps bring the real you. I’m an experienced London based branding photographer will help the process to be smooth and enjoyable so we start with a chat to understand your needs and ideas. We then work together on a mood board and brainstorm ideas on locations and props. I am happy to give advice on clothing, make up, props and any suppliers that you might need for the shoot. But most importantly I’m happy to guide you through some flattering poses to ensure you are comfortable and they show your true personality.


The location of your branding photosession depends entirely on your business, vision and feel of what you want your brand to represent. I love the planning stage of a branding photo shoot as this is when we can get creative and brainstorm how to turn your vision into reality. Having done a number of photo sessions in London I have a vast knowledge of adorable cute London mews for a lifestyle look, photogenic corners of beautiful parks and trendy locations for a city look. But I'm open to discuss branding sessions outside London.

Contact me today to discuss how we can create a set of beautiful branding photos to make you stand out and attract your ideal client. I'm available for branding photography sessions in London and Greater London.


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